Monday, August 6, 2012

International Geology Congress

Why is Brisbane so heavily booked you (and everyone that has rung in the last 2 weeks) ask? See the article below.

A decent size conference for Brisbane is anything over 1000 people attending, so 5000 is MASSIVE! We haven't seen a conference this size in the city since the Woolworths convention back in 2008.

5000 to hit Brisbane for geology summit

GEOLOGIST and BBC presenter Iain Stewart will be among 5000 delegates expected to descend on Brisbane this weekend for a global geology summit.

The 34th International Geological Congress was last held in Australia in 1976, in Sydney.

The last congress was held in Oslo four years ago.

Organisers say it will inject $18 million into the Queensland economy and will be the first event to book out every single meeting room in the city's Convention Centre.

More than 3000 speakers including Iain Stewart will appear over six days from Sunday.

Stewart is filming a series in the region and will speak during a session that focuses on the impact humans have had on the earth.

Channel Nine's Ray Martin will host a forum of international resource ministers which include Australia's Martin Ferguson and the resource ministers of Russia, Vietnam and China.

The Congress's president Neil Williams says the forum will stimulate a "truly global discussion" about managing the world's increasing use of resources.

Climate change is also expected to be a hot topic at the congress.

It will test the city's ability to host major events ahead of the G20 summit in 2014 when 7000 delegates and media are expected to flock to Brisbane.

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