Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Peak season

Everyone knows that the running of the Melbourne Cup stops the nation, but it also marks the start of the end of year peak corporate travel season. Once everyone comes back to work on the Wednesday, attention turns to travel plans for the rest of the calendar year.

Expect many cities to be extremely busy for the next week five weeks or so with Sydney being the worst. Its had a big year already and I believe this will continue through to the start of December. Canberra has a number of parliament dates in November and hotels are very close to filling already.

At the other end of the spectrum is Brisbane. Its been dead (almost) all year and nothing looks to be happening in November to change that which is unfortunate considering all the new hotels that have been added over the last few years.

Be sure to let your clients know that we're now coming in to peak corporate travel season and if they can book early they should, otherwise availability could be extremely limited and rates will be high.