Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Peak season

Everyone knows that the running of the Melbourne Cup stops the nation, but it also marks the start of the end of year peak corporate travel season. Once everyone comes back to work on the Wednesday, attention turns to travel plans for the rest of the calendar year.

Expect many cities to be extremely busy for the next week five weeks or so with Sydney being the worst. Its had a big year already and I believe this will continue through to the start of December. Canberra has a number of parliament dates in November and hotels are very close to filling already.

At the other end of the spectrum is Brisbane. Its been dead (almost) all year and nothing looks to be happening in November to change that which is unfortunate considering all the new hotels that have been added over the last few years.

Be sure to let your clients know that we're now coming in to peak corporate travel season and if they can book early they should, otherwise availability could be extremely limited and rates will be high.   

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Out of Office

The office will be closed Thursday and Friday this week as I'm down in Melbourne for a couple of days.

If you need anything during that time please leave a voice-mail message or send me an email and I'll get back to you first thing on Monday.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Barossa & McLaren Vale

The week before last I took some time out of the office to head down to South Australia to visit the Barossa and McLaren Vale wine regions.

We started at Penfolds with the "Make your own blend" session where we donned the white coats and headed in to the lab to learn a bit more about the art of wine making and how the blends are created. That night we stayed at the Novotel Barossa Valley Resort in a two bedroom apartment and had dinner in the restaurant and then breakfast the next morning.

Day 2 was a big one as we visited Grant Burge, Rockford, St Hallets, Langmeil, lunch at Maggie Beer's Farm Shop, Kalleske, Torbreck, Tscharke and Seppeltsfield. We then headed back to Adelaide Airport to pick up a couple more friends and then headed to McLaren Vale and our house at Aldinga Beach where we were staying for the rest of the trip.

Day 3 I took one for the team and drove but the wineries visited were Hither & Yon, Leconfield, Wirra Wirra, Alpha Box & Dice and finished at Samuel's Gorge where we enjoyed the sunset over the hills.

Our final day included d'Arenberg, Coriole and Shaw & Smith.

Yes, way too many wineries in the short time but when we go back we'll definitely no which 3 or 4 we're leisurely spend our time.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Out of office

The office will be closed Thursday and Friday this week as I'm having a long weekend with friends down in the Barossa and McLaren Vale.

If you need anything during that time please leave a voice-mail message or send me an email and I'll get back to you first thing on Monday.

Friday, July 31, 2015

July - Month in review

July was all about sport with a handful of the top soccer teams in the world coming down under. There was Liverpool matches in Brisbane and Adelaide while Melbourne hosted Manchester City, Real Madrid and Roma.

Most of the above matches did good things for the hotel markets but the main event for the month was definitely State of Origin 3 in Brisbane. For the last year or two State of Origin has been a bit disappointment for the hotels as they over-charge and the city doesn't end up filling as people refuse to pay the ridiculous prices. Thankfully this year was better and the city did fill but the noticeable difference was most of the requests were just one night stays.

This month I also visited a couple of hotels in the city. The first was Capri by Fraser that opened a few months ago and later that week was Hotel Jen. As well as having a look around the hotels I was lucky enough to have lunch in both their restaurants.

Monday, July 6, 2015

June - Month in review

June turned out to be a relatively quiet month but the highlight and the busiest night was definitely State of Origin 3 in Melbourne on June 17. At the end of the week prior to the game, you couldn't get a room for under $500, unless you spoke to us of course. There were just a handful of rooms available in the days leading up to the game and prices were through the roof.

The only other peak date in June was the same week (as above) in Canberra. The dates for parliament this year have been busy, but nothing over the top yet. Tuesday June 16 changed all that and availability was limited well in advance. We started getting calls more than a week out which is a rarity for Canberra. At that time there was nothing under $350 and a few days later that minimum had moved up to $450. Not long after the city was full and the phone calls really came flooding in. Why was this was parliament so much busier? Unfortunately I don't know but hopefully it happens again soon.

Monday, May 11, 2015

EPL teams headed down under

The English Premier League season hasn't finished yet but a couple of their biggest names are headed down under. My team, and recently crowned League Champions, Chelsea FC along with Liverpool are coming to play in Australia in the upcoming months.

Chelsea recently announced they are coming to Sydney June 2 to play against Sydney FC while Liverpool will play the Brisbane Roar in Brisbane on July 17 (I'm lucky enough to be going to this game) and Adelaide United in Adelaide on July 20.

All these matches should mean good things for each city's hotels so if you're going to the matches I recommend you book early.
(note: We have a stash of rooms available for the Adelaide United game at really good rates.)

Edit: I spoke too soon ... it turns out there are actually THREE EPL teams headed to Australia in their off-season! I saw on TV last night that Tottenham Hotspurs are also playing Sydney FC on May 30.