Friday, January 22, 2010

Australia Day (non) long weekend

I'm in Melbourne from tomorrow morning (Saturday) and not flying back until Monday evening. The office will be closed on Monday and with the Australia Day public holiday on Tuesday we will return on Wednesday January 27. Sure, its officially a long weekend but we're taking this opportunity to make it one! It would un-Austraaaaalian not to ...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Golf hotels

I found this article in one of the industry newsletters I read and thought it was worth sharing. Its for all the golf fans out there (like myself) but its also about unique hotels.

Click on the title below to read the full story and check out the slideshow to see some great pics. One of the photos is of the Old Course Hotel at St Andrews which I'm lucky enough to have stayed at.

Bunker down in a crazy golf hotel -

(CNN) -- Golf is a game which lends itself to luxury stays in swanky resorts, so not unnaturally the accommodation offered in its hotels and clubhouses is often of the highest standard with cutting edge architecture and design to the fore with no expense spared.

But there is also room for the quirky and downright odd so Living Golf has trawled the world to come up with some examples of the best on offer and the most unusual.

We have discovered there is something for everyone from the classic Old Course Hotel at St. Andrews to a planned five-star underground complex as well as a run-of-the-mill motel which can satisfy the needs of both petrol heads and golf lovers.

There are falcons rising out of the desert and lodges that can put golfers truly in tune with the wilds of Africa because everywhere golf is played, architects and entrepreneurs are pushing the boundaries to attract customers to their complexes.

The spectacular entrance to the clubhouse at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club

Movember follow-up

Back in November, I posted about my friend Dirk who had taken up the Movember challenge. I mentioned I would show an "after" pic to let you know how he got on ... so here it is:

The challenge given to Dirk was to grow a Freddie Mercury (on the left) and as you can see he did a pretty good job given he had just one month.

Dirk raised over $400 for The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia and Beyond Blue. He's already set loftier goals for himself in 2010 ... but great work Dirk!