Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eminem concert tour

Eminem tried to tour Australia a couple of years ago but due to his explicit lyrics, drug use, etc he wasn't allowed in the country.

He's been creating havoc on this current tour but now how you'd expect. With the Australian leg of his tour only visiting Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney his concerts have been filling hotels for every city he goes to.

First stop was Melbourne last night and availability started disappearing late last week. I think we got our first call late on Friday but by Monday there was virtually nothing left.

Brisbane is tonight and we were ready for it and it too has completely sold out the city. We started getting calls late last week and were through our rooms by Monday. For the last day or so it has been virtually impossible to find a room with only the rare one popping up costing over $500.

Eminem, please come back any time!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Las Vegas hotels take luxury to new heights — and prices


A 10,000-square-foot suite that includes a basketball court at the Palms will set you back $25,000 a night. At MGM Grand’s Skylofts, you will find a bathtub that fizzes with Champagne-like massage bubbles and airport pickup in a $400,000 car.

If you’re scared off by the price tag, these luxuries aren’t for you. But Las Vegas has always specialized in providing an over-the-top experience for those with an unlimited budget.

Celebrities and athletes have spent thousands on suites with massage and film-screening rooms, 24-hour butler service, private elevators and chefs, even showers that are in the middle of the suite.
And what’s a weekend in Vegas without an airport greeting and pickup in a Maybach 62. At the Bellagio, guests who shell out $6,000 a night for the Chairman Suite can enjoy a solarium and whirlpool tubs with views of the city.

The Palms, however, has taken it to another level with its Two Story Sky Villa. The former Hugh Hefner Sky Villa will set you back $40,000 a night.

The most expensive hotel room in Nevada has its own glass elevator to the second floor and an infinity pool that seats 12 and cantilevers off the balcony. The 9,000-square-foot luxury playground houses three bedrooms, a fitness center, dry sauna, outdoor terrace and media room with revolving bed.

According to the Palms, “It’s the perfect place to entertain up to 250 of your closest friends.”

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Brisbane to have free wifi

A good initiative announced today by Brisbane Marketing. Although its not the entire CBD, having the Mall and South Bank with free wifi certainly helps bring the city up to speed with the rest of the world. Now ... if only all the Brisbane hotels followed the lead and offered free wifi!

Free wifi for Australia’s new world city

A new integrated wi-fi system will provide free internet in South Bank and the Queen Street Mall in time for the G20.  

From April, visitors to the Queen Street Mall, Victoria Bridge and South Bank will be able to jump online to check email or surf the web using Brisbane City Council’s wi-fi.

In 2013 nearly one million users took advantage of council’s free wi-fi hotspots to stay connected around the city. Connecting the Queen Street Mall and South Bank is the next step in creating a digital Brisbane.

About 17,000 people a day travel over Victoria Bridge to get between South Bank and the Queen Street Mall, and the free wi-fi will allow them to stay connected on the go.

Brisbane Marketing and the council are putting Brisbane on the “digital map” ahead of G20 in November to demonstrate to G20 visitors that we are indeed Australia’s new world city.
Any one of the 4000 officials and 3000 media representatives visiting Brisbane will be able to access our state-of-the-art public wi-fi.

Wi-fi access is already available in 22 outdoor locations across the city including Brisbane Botanic Gardens, King George Square and New Farm Park. Additionally, each of council’s 33 libraries and the entire CityCat fleet also offer free wi-fi.

Local cafes, restaurants and hotels are also encouraged to be part of a broader “Digital Brisbane” by providing free wi-fi to patrons.

Monday, February 3, 2014

A new low in hotel branding

There are many examples of poor, uncreative hotel branding in Australia but today I found the new low, a hotel in Canberra called "Hotel Hotel". And fitting, their tagline is "A place for people people".

That must've been quite the branding meeting in the early days of the hotel ...