Thursday, January 30, 2014

Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition 2014

The Australasian Oil & Gas Exhibition in Perth is one of the biggest weeks of the year for hotel accommodation and its only just around the corner now, starting on February 19 until the 21st.

Despite getting in relatively early, there were only so many rooms we could get our hands on at a "reasonable" rate. If you ring around hotels now or look online you'll struggle to find anything under $400/night. Within a week or two, that availability will disappear and the prices will all be above $500. That may come as a surprise for anyone that doesn't know the Perth hotel market, but that's what happens when the city gets busy.

This is where we can help out tho, we currently have the following available:
  • 4 star apartments for under $300/night (based on a 3 night minimum stay)
  • 3.5 and 4 star hotel rooms from under $350/night (based on a 2 night minimum stay)
Obviously, if you can avoid travelling to Perth this week I'd highly recommend it. If you can't, call or e-mail us and we'll let you know what we still have available. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Lonely Planet names Brisbane the nation's coolest city

News out earlier in the week ...

Lonely Planet names Brisbane the nation's coolest city

IT'S enough to make us choke on our lattes. 
The latest Australian edition of travel bible Lonely Planet has named Brisbane the country's coolest city.

That's right, the once-boring business centre home to XXXX beer, Broncos and bland office towers is now cooler than Melbourne and Sydney, according top the writers from The Lonely Planet.

The new edition, released just before Christmas, describes Brisbane as Australia's "hippest city" and a star on the rise.

"Booming Brisbane is an energetic river town on the way up with an edgy arts scene, pumping nightlife and great coffee and restaurants," the guidebook says.

"Brisbane is Australia's most underrated city.

"Sub-culture undercurrents run deep here with cool bookshops, globally-inspired restaurants and cafes, bars and band rooms aplenty."

The generous praise might mystify Melburnians and stun Sydneysiders, but the praise comes as no surprise to locals in the know.

Emily Nunes, 33, who co-owns newly opened bar and restaurant Papa Jack's with her husband Marco, said Brisbane has "come into its own".

"There are new bars constantly opening," she said.

"I do think that people are really striving for high-quality and quirky offerings.

"We have a really good coffee culture, some of the best bartenders in the country, and we've got a fabulous climate."

Bardon hipster Hannah Rowe, 27, said Brisbane was picking up its act.

"I've definitely noticed that in the last year or two there have been so many new bars, restaurants and cool little venues popping up," she said.

"The culture aspect of Brisbane has really come along."

Bar and restaurant owner Adrian Mezzina said it was an exciting time for the river city.

"There's been a lot happen over the last few years," he said.

"It was this big, sleepy town maybe 10 years ago, but you couldn't say that any more.

"Even friends of mine who visit from down south are kind of blown away with what Brisbane has to offer these days, whether it's restaurants, or bars or clubs."

Queensland Tourism Industry Council CEO Daniel Gschwind said Lonely Planet's verdict reaffirmed what Brisbanites already knew.

"When you have a great place to live, people will want to come and visit you," he said.

"The word is spreading and people are starting to appreciate the different textures and vibes to Brisbane."


* Pumping night-life
* Edgy arts scene
* Cool book shops
* Globally-inspired restaurants
* Great cafes
* Abundance of live music and band venues