Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hitler house to luxury apartments

A rather different story from one of the industry newsletters I read ...

Hitler house to luxury apartments - Weird News Travels Fast - etravelblackboard.com

The building, in the town of Braunau, where German dictator, Adolf Hitler spent the first three years of his life, could be facing a makeover.
As current owners attempt to sell the now empty property, Braunau mayor said turning the building into luxury apartments could revive the region that should not be held responsible for the dictator’s actions, The Sun reported.
“It is not necessary to build a Holocaust museum in the house, as some have suggested,” Mayor Johannes Waidbacher said.
“Braunau as a town is stigmatised enough even though Hitler spent only three years of his life here.”

Locals have dubbed the proposed scheme as Hitler Towers and Fuhrer Mansions.

Currently the location attracts neo-Nazis paying homage to the man responsible for the death of up to six million Jewish people, homosexuals and gypsies.