Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sydney sales trip

Last week I had a quick overnight trip to Sydney to make some sales calls and introduce myself to a few of the travel management companies we look after. It had been way too long since I'd been down to Sydney on business so this was well overdue. I also had a free night at the Sydney Harbour Marriott that I had won last year that needed to be used soon.

I arrived early on Tuesday and knew my room wouldn't be ready but thankfully my package included executive lounge benefits so I camped out in the in the lounge and did some work before my meetings. It was virtually empty at the time so I picked the best spot which was next to the window overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sure, it was a little distracting but a great spot to do some planning.

I was back there after my meetings for the evening drinks & canapes which I was pleased to see finished with dessert canapes! The next morning was breakfast in the lounge so I definitely got my fair share from the club benefits.

Here was the view from my suite:

Brisbane International Tennis

With my fellow Scotsman as the main draw card, I was keen to get along to the Brisbane International Tennis Tournament to see him in action. It would also mark my first ever time at a live tennis event.

I was lucky enough to get a late call-up from a friend of mine for a corporate seat on the Saturday which meant I would get to see both men's semis. I then just had to hope Murray made it through and thankfully he's number 3 in the world for a reason so this was no problem for him.

The day itself was great as it wasn't as hot as it had been earlier that week and our seats were on the side just a couple of rows back from the court. Drinks flowed throughout the day and my invite also included a buffet lunch which was thoroughly enjoyed.

Murray's match was unfortunately over too early as his Japanese opponent had to withdraw due to injury so I only got one set from Andy. It was entertaining while it lasted as the Japanese started well and Murray had to fight back to take the first set before the withdrawal came early in the second.

The afternoon finished with my first experience of Pimm's and lemonade (it wouldn't be the tennis without it) which was the perfect end to a great day. Thanks to my friend Scott and our host's Canon for the invite and their generous hospitality.