Friday, October 12, 2012

Why do hotels charge for internet?

I came across the following article thanks to an industry newsletter and its a good summary of why all hotels don't provide free internet yet ... which is a common guest question/complaint.

Why do hotels charge for internet and Wi-Fi

Oct 10, 12 | 12:08 am
By Clinton Farley
Internet in your hotel or accommodation room is not yet the same necessity as the water you drink, the linen you sleep in or the fresh towels that hang in your bathroom, however is it the way of the future; will complimentary internet become one of these included necessities in every hotel or accommodation room?
Many of us these days want to check emails on the go, check-in on apps, update our latest status and share with friends, family and colleagues from anywhere in the world.
One of the most common questions asked in a hotel, discussed in a review or blogged about is; why do hotels and other accommodation venues still charge for internet. I am sure this is a question that pops into many heads, especially when the world has advanced so rapidly in recent years on the mobile front. Everyone has an internet capable mobile device right? Although this remains an argument many raise, fact is that not all hotel guests have internet capable devices.

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