Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eminem concert tour

Eminem tried to tour Australia a couple of years ago but due to his explicit lyrics, drug use, etc he wasn't allowed in the country.

He's been creating havoc on this current tour but now how you'd expect. With the Australian leg of his tour only visiting Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney his concerts have been filling hotels for every city he goes to.

First stop was Melbourne last night and availability started disappearing late last week. I think we got our first call late on Friday but by Monday there was virtually nothing left.

Brisbane is tonight and we were ready for it and it too has completely sold out the city. We started getting calls late last week and were through our rooms by Monday. For the last day or so it has been virtually impossible to find a room with only the rare one popping up costing over $500.

Eminem, please come back any time!

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