Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson's funeral and grave major travel destinations

I came across this article in an industry newsletter and its an interesting (travel-related) thought regarding the passing of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson's funeral and grave major travel destinations

Macabre though it may seem to talk about it, tourism officials in California are looking at one of the biggest possible potential boosts to the State’s tourism, with millions already travelling to Los Angeles filling hotels and planes while doing so, to pay their respects to Michael Jackson,.

According to examiner.com in the USA, celebrity funerals and graves have always attracted legions of fans who travel from all parts of the globe, with Rudolph Valentino the first, but hardly the last and once the funeral is over, the pilgrimages reallybegin.

Tourists will travel thousands of miles to visit the gravesite of their favourite celebrity, for example, Elvis Presley's grave at Graceland is the biggest example, drawing tens of thousands of fans annually.

Jim Morrison's grave in Paris and Princess Diana's final resting place in Althorp, England, are also other examples of how popular celebrities can be even in death and how far tourists are willing to travel to pay homage.

The gravesite of Michael Jackson, who died suddenly last week at 50, will undoubtedly be the next great destination for celebrity worshipers who have the time and money for a long-distance cemetery trip and while Jackson's funeral plans have not yet been announced he is likely to be buried in California.

So, while some people might consider celebrity grave visits to be a bid macabre, it's actually an intriguing niche in the travel world, with a number of groups around the world specialising in locating and publicising celebrity graves, or arranging visits, with these groups stressing respectfulness, encouraging fans to say goodbye to a favourite star with dignity and a sense of peacefulness.

If you can't actually travel to a celebrity grave, there are Web sites that post photos and provide precise details about noteworthy graves – check some of these out:

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