Wednesday, April 21, 2010

March ... the month that was

After the madness that was February, with phones ringing off the hook and not being able to keep up with demand, it was time to call in the reinforcements. The quiet times of 2009 seemed to have past and there was a number of events coming up in March that had potential to do good things. So with that in mind, one of my friends Kelli, came on-board to man the phones and help with the rebuilding process.

March started with the end of the AC/DC tour as they hit Adelaide and Perth. Adelaide was in the middle of festival season plus the Clipsal 500 was on. Perth had a number of large conferences that thankfully I knew about in advance. Melbourne had the Grand Prix ... but while busy, it failed to deliver the demand that it did a few years ago.

Like Sydney in February, the main demand in March was for Canberra. There were a number of weeks when parliament was sitting but one of the major reasons the city was so popular was because of the Masterpieces From Paris art exhibition. Due to this exhibition, all the hotels were full every weekend which is very unusual for Canberra. Then, there was the planned visit of US President Barack Obama ... but thankfully they was postponed.

Canberra has never had as big a month as they did in March ... so much so that our joke in the office was that "Canberra is the new Sydney".

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