Wednesday, April 21, 2010

February ... the month that was

Sure, its somewhat belated, but here's a quick review of the month that was February.

End of December, start of January is always a very quiet time around here as there is very little corporate travel happening to the Christmas/New Years' break. February tho, everything changed and the month was all about two things ... the city of Sydney and the AC/DC tour.

Sydney has NEVER seen a month like it. It began with the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, then there was Top Gear Live and the Chinese New Year, AC/DC concerts, conferences, the gay & lesbian mardi gras and a large gift fair. Every week the city was virtually fully booked and every single weekend was a complete write-off. Rooms were almost impossible to find and rates sky-rocketed. It was painful how many phone calls I had for dates when the city was already full.

As mentioned, other than just calls for Sydney, February was dominated by the AC/DC tour. I got wind of it being something big when I actually got calls for rooms in New Zealand when the concerts were on. AC/DC filling cities in New Zealand is one thing ... but when they're touring Australia and doing multiple concerts in each city, no one would have imagined how big they were going to be. By the time they had filled Sydney for 4 or 5 straight nights I could at least be prepared for when they hit Adelaide and Brisbane ... even then tho, demand far out-weighed my supply.

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