Thursday, March 28, 2013

Melbourne stay - Crown Metropol

It wasn't work but I was lucky enough to be invited through a friend and BMW to a ridiculous trip to Melbourne including a driving experience day at Phillip Island. I won't go in to all the details but the overview is that we had a fabulous dinner at the casino on the Saturday night and then drove down to Phillip Island the next morning trying out four different BMW's on the way and then spent the afternoon racing around the track.

It was an excellent trip and I don't post it to brag, but one of the highlights was staying at Crown Metropol for the night. I've booked a couple of clients at the hotel before but hadn't yet seen it myself. I expected to be sharing a room as part of the group but that wasn't the case and as you can see from the pic below the rooms were spacious.

We were on the road early the next morning but I did have time for a very quick breakfast in their restaurant Mr Hive which is also where we had a couple of drinks in the bar the night before. Even from my quick overnight stay, I'd certainly recommend the hotel as one of the best in the city.

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