Thursday, September 3, 2009

Technical difficulties

Moving is never fun and rarely does it go smoothly. We moved out of The Shop last month and other than the normal pains of moving the only real dramas came from the phone lines.

Firstly, the phone lines were set to get switched over on the Monday morning so the week prior I rang to book in the move of the phone system. Much to my horror I was informed that the official Telstra people couldn't do it until the Monday after. Not surprisingly, that wasn't going to work. Thankfully I have another company that has helped me out previously and although I couldn't get in touch with the right person until Monday they were able to squeeze us in on Tuesday afternoon.

Unfortunately, the lines were switched over earlier than expected and we weren't informed so we weren't able to divert calls to my mobile. I rang Telstra to get them to organise a diversion but that didn't happen, so we essentially had two days without phone lines ... not ideal. When the phone system was moved and everything was set up, the diversion kicked in the next morning, great work.

We had a week or so of no problems until I came in to undivert the phone on Monday only to find out that two of the lines weren't working and we were only receiving half of the calls. I tried everything I could to fix it but the next day found out it was an issue with the Telstra network. Wednesday morning they came and fixed it but it was another two days where a number of people couldn't get through to us.

So, if you have been trying to call us over the last few weeks and haven't been able to get through I sincerely apologise. We're still alive and well and hoping this is the last of our phone dramas.

Telstra, you are well and truly not on my Christmas card list this year.

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