Monday, May 25, 2009

Dinner at Thyme2 - Sofitel Brisbane Central

I took Adam out for dinner last Thursday night to Thyme2, the restaurant at Sofitel Brisbane Central. Adam and I both love our food and the buffet/interactive dining experience gives you plenty of options. Plus I have a discount card that gives me 2 for 1 so its extremely good value.

We virtually always get seated in the same spot, against the window overlooking the clock tower (pictured below) and I had one of the girls (Aurea) I used to work with looking after us, so that was nice.

Food wise I had: oysters, sushi, salads (the best was the crab noodle salad), roast veg (honest I did mum), tandoori chicken, lamb korma, naan bread, dim sims, roast beef. Then it was time for dessert which was cheesecake, strawberry mousse, chocolate tart, chocolate ice-cream, strawberry ice-cream and of course some marshmallows dipped in the (dark) chocolate fountain.

Adam and I both agreed that the lamb korma was the highlight of the experience. Not surprisingly, I was hurting by the end of the meal and didn't eat again until midday the following day!

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